AVD Adoption Accelerator: 8-Day Implementation


Our service accelerates you getting setup and using Microsoft’s AVD service.

We’ll help you start enjoying the productivity and flexibility advantages of AVD as quickly as possible, giving you the benefit of a pilot deployment on your own environment to test the water. Through this pilot and the hands-on training and coaching we provide, we’ll give you and your team the confidence that you are ready to manage the solution and any future deployments with ease. We configure Nerdio Manager for Enterprise as part of this service to handle the day-to-day management tasks of AVD.

What’s included:

Our service includes everything you need to get off to a successful start with AVD, in just 8 days:

  • Getting ready: We’ll support you with deploying the technical environment pre-requisites
  • Setting solid foundations: We’ll build and configure the pilot AVD environment, building on the Azure environment set up through the Azure Adoption Accelerator (AAA) service
  • Skills for success: We’ll give you training and hands-on coaching, including an overview of security and cost management, to help you adopt AVD into your IT family
  • Handing you the keys: the solution is yours and so we’ll leave you with everything you need to set you up for long term success, including a handover session, full process/technical documentation, best practice framework, and FAQs