AVS Cloud Solution: 4-Week implementation


Seamlessly migrate VMware components and workloads to Azure with Softchoice AVS Cloud Solution

Accelerate your cloud transition, achieve operational consistency by leveraging existing people, tools, and policies, and discover new opportunities to improve or modernize digital experiences. As a premier Microsoft partner in North America and multiple award-winner with VMware, organizations continue to choose Softchoice as the trusted partner to guide them through a streamlined and successful migration.

Our Unique Approach - Our certified Softchoice Microsoft and VMware experts approach your migration in three key phases. When working with Softchoice, you will get an assessment to first identify if AVS is the right solution for your business needs, then we custom design the deliverables to align with your specific technical requirements and AVS use case objectives.

  1. We Assess Your Environment: We will help you validate whether AVS is a viable solution for your business needs. This requires data collection in a non-intrusive way and helps you build a compelling business case by offering you:
  • Architectural options
  • Best practices
  • Financial assessment with total cost of ownership and cost benefit analysis
  1. Discovery and Design:
  • Discovery and validation of in-scope infrastructure and networking requirements
  • Review current Azure environment
  • End-state architecture of AVS environment design
  • Develop the migration plan
  1. Implementation:
  • Deploy AVS Landing Zone as per approved design
  • Work with in-house IT staff to configure connectivity between the on-premises environment and AVS
  • Migrate online VMs from on premise environment to AVS
  • Network and functional testing
  • As-configured documentation and knowledge transfer

Softchoice AVS Use Cases

AVS is the most practical cloud migration pathway for Windows and SQL Server workloads, as it supports VMware toolchains and integrates with the Azure ecosystem. It is suited for data center extension, infrastructure cost reduction and many other use cases, including:

AVS Pilot – Leverage AVS Pilot with white glove support from Microsoft to validate the needed scenarios and overcome perceived technical shortcomings. AVS Pilot provides 3 nodes, free for 30-day/720-hours. It is a demonstration, small scale and not fully functional, that is used to validate the benefits of deploying VMware in Azure.

Cloud Migration – Avoid infrastructure refreshes through cloud migration. Quickly stage cloud migrations in line with the infrastructure refresh by porting existing VMware workloads to the cloud, offsetting the need to invest in further physical hardware.

Disaster Recovery – Create DR sites for VMware-based workloads from the on-premises data center into Azure. Integrate and continue managing VMware operating environments with the same VMware tools your teams are already familiar with while modernizing applications using Azure native services.

Data Center Extention - Use cloud compute and storage to handle the increasing business needs or seasonal surges in demand. Provide high-quality service to your people without bearing the cost of infrastructure to cope with peak demand. 

Softchoice: Azure Cloud + VMware expertise to drive your cloud success

  • VMware Partner of the Year (2022)
  • Microsoft Canada Partner of the Year (2020)
  • Over 600 Azure + VMware customers

Next Steps - Let us assess your environment to see if AVS is the right path in accelerating your cloud journey. Please contact us for more information on assessment and funding support. Terms, conditions, and pricing are custom to each engagement. Offer availability may be limited in some countries.