Azure Accelerator: 2-Week Implementation (US)


The Azure Accelerator provides you with the expertise to move your first workload into the cloud.

#Make a smarter migration to the Cloud Migrating to the Cloud is complicated. However, with the right people and tools in place, you can build up your expertise and accelerate your Cloud strategy. The Azure Accelerator combines the planning, migration, mentorship and management support to increase your Cloud knowledge and set the foundation for future success.

#Our Offering: Azure Accelerator

####What we do

  • Full day workshop to envision and plan
  • Work with your team to architect and migrate a production workload to the Cloud
  • Help you establish governance and operational guidelines to ensure security and create a foundation for success
  • Provide a management dashboard that offers a consistent approach to managing Cloud costs
  • Provide 24x7 support and mentorship – during and after your migration
  • Provide a formal review of your migration to solidify best practices and identify areas for future improvements

####What you'll gain

  • Learn how to select the right virtual machine, storage resource and network configuration to support your workload. You will also learn best practices for governing, securing and using infrastructure as code to improve the efficiency of your Cloud environment.
  • The ability to allocate costs to department or workload, monitor consumption and optimize your environment over time.
  • The mentorship you need to grow your internal Cloud expertise.

#Softchoice is uniquely poised to support your Public Cloud strategy

Softchoice is all about support. We inspire, mentor, and mobilize the adoption of Public Cloud as part of your Hybrid IT strategy. Throughout the process, our teams focus on secure architectures, skill development for your teams and ongoing cost optimization. Adopting Public Cloud is a continuous, iterative process rather than a one-time event, so we've adapted our approach to drive ongoing savings and governance for you.