FinOps Adoption Services


Attain financial control over your Azure environment to realize your investment in cloud workloads

Get control of your Azure variable spending model to gain confidence in your Azure investments

Softchoice’s FinOps portfolio of solutions combines niche consulting with enterprise-scale technical expertise to increase the value of your cloud investments while reducing wasted costs. This ensures proper investments are being made and gives confidence in further Azure investments.

Our customized and modular services are delivered through a step-by-step approach to help customers advance through each stage of FinOps maturity. Through a consulting framework complete with stakeholder alignment and change management guidance, our certified practitioners help you create a culture of continuous cloud cost improvement.

FinOps core functions work with proper culture and governance

FinOps is a business practice and culture that drives sustainable cloud cost control— built on people, process, technology and data working together as a single coherent ecosystem.

When you have total control over your organization’s cloud economics through FinOps, you gain:

  • Optimized and predictable cloud usage and spend performance
  • Insights into cloud spend drivers and relations to business value
  • Operational excellence with cost management and workforce efficiencies
  • Empowered cross functional culture and collaboration between the business & IT

Softchoice FinOps Services

Modular foundational and advanced services give customers the flexibility to choose the skill and type of intervention needed for their context and priorities. These services are delivered through a step-by-step process to help customers advance through each stage of FinOps maturity.

FinOps Readiness Workshop

Build your case for change with high-level FinOps education and facilitation and Softchoice’s case for change framework.
  • Design Thinking style education workshop session

FinOps Foundations

Build the foundation of a FinOps practice with an in-depth understanding of your organization’s current cloud cost management operational maturity and persona-based education.
  • Finops Maturity evaluation leveraging Softchoice IP
  • FinOps workshops leveraging Design Thinking style education and workshop sessions

FinOps Executive Strategy

Achieve buy-in at the executive level by co-building and aligning on the FinOps vision of success and transformation commitment.
  • Individual executive interviews
  • Series of Design Thinking style workshops with cross-functional executive team

FinOps Advanced Consulting Service

Create tactical solutions designed to improve your FinOps maturity and drive valued business outcomes for FinOps adoption—turning strategy into action.
  • Program Development
  • Program Enablement

VMware Tanzu CloudHealth Managed Subscription

Leverage and operationalize CloudHealth as an insights driver and enabler of FinOps adoption that maximizes your investment into its tool and data