Azure Advisory - Architectural review - 3 weeks Assessment

SoftJam S.p.A.

Analyze your architecture and define the gap respect the Microsoft's Well Architected Framework.

We often face less-than-optimal Azure architectures when we initially approach a new customer. Thanks to our solid knowledge of Microsoft's Cloud Adoption Framework (CAF) and Well-architected Framework (WAF), we can help you identify the weak points of your current design. Our advisors will review your Azure architecture to define the gaps from the guidelines depicted in the frameworks. During the gap analysis, we'll cover these aspects:

  • Reliability;
  • Security;
  • Performance efficiency;
  • Cost optimization;
  • Operational excellence.

Once we complete the assessment, we'll define a remediation plan to address the evidence found by the analysis. You can then decide to apply the remediations yourself, or we can support you in this phase through dedicated project activities or our Cloud Operations team.