Tune up your Azure SQL - 2 Days Assessment

SoftJam S.p.A.

Be sure that your Azure SQL deployment is compliant to Microsoft best practices!

During this two-days assessment we analyze your Azure SQL deployment, whether it’s based on an Azure SQL VM or on a Platform-as-a-Service Azure SQL service. We check if it’s compliant with Microsoft’s architectural, performance and security best practices, and we possibly give you some hints about how to increase the security, the performance or the return of investment of your system.

By interviewing you and checking your architectures and service metrics, we define your pain points and verify if your deployment is suitable to address them.

At the end of the activity, you’ll obtain a detailed report that contains:

  • An overview of the current configuration and its health status;
  • A remediation plan to mitigate settings or configurations not aligned with Microsoft standards;
  • Any hints to improve your satisfaction with your Azure SQL deployment.

The proposed duration and cost of the assessment cover the analysis of one SQL Server instance. We can easily adapt it to meet the complexity of your environment!