SQL Lift, Optimize & Shift - 7 Days Assessment

SoftJam S.p.A.

Assess and Define a migration path towards Azure SQL services!

During this 7 Days Assessment we analyze your SQL Server workload and your business needs, to define the best Azure landing zone to host it and a suitable migration path.

Depending on your scenario, the assessment may include:

  • An architectural and compatibility check of your existing infrastructure. By analyzing the used feature-set and the hardware footprint of your current architecture, we define the target Azure SQL service that will host it and its sizing;
  • A dependency check, to define which other servers/services need to move to Azure along with your SQL Server instance;
  • An interview with the customer, to define business needs that may impact the solution design.

At the end of the activity, you’ll received a detailed report that includes:

  • The high-level solution design to reflect your needs, including the rationales behind the proposed design and its strength points;
  • A migration plan and a project timeline;
  • A cost estimation that includes the Azure consumption for the proposed solution, as well as the migration project costs.

The proposed duration and cost of the assessment cover the analysis of one or more instances of SQL Server used by one of your application. We can easily adapt it to meet the complexity of your environment!