Azure Virtual Desktop POC

Softlanding Solutions Inc.

Our Azure Virtual Desktop Proof of Concept is specifically designed to help organizations quickly implement AVD in Azure using the latest Windows 11 multi-session OS.

Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) enables organizations to stay agile and work from anywhere by providing employees with a modern Windows experience and access to all the necessary productivity apps. Our Proof of Concept (PoC) is specifically designed to help you quickly implement AVD in Azure and gain a practical understanding of its technology. This PoC also demonstrates the benefits of modernizing your desktop solution.

Softlanding provides an end-to-end AVD implementation. We start with the assessment and planning phase, move on to the execution of the PoC, and provide full support while you test your new user environment. Once the PoC is completed, we offer a clear roadmap to production, enabling you to scale up to a fully operational solution with ease.

What you get from Softlanding’ s AVD PoC:

  • Up to 25 user access
  • Deeper insights and knowledge in AVD technology on Azure
  • Confidence that workload will run well on the platform
  • Additional experience on the platform

Workshop discovery Gather requirements for a successful AVD Proof of Concept and establish an initial AVD footprint to tackle the needs of the moment.

Configuration and Implementation AVD environment set and deployment and publication of your apps. This process can take up to 5 days depending on your requirements.

Testing and Validation We work with your users to monitor performance, test the deployment, and gather feedback.

NEXT STEPS After the AVD Proof of concept is completed, we review the performance with your team and provide recommendations for a full AVD implementation