Azure Arc for Servers Enabled: 4-Weeks PoC

SoftServe Inc.

A proof of concept to onboard the client’s server-based workload to Azure Arc and jump-start the Journey with Azure Hybrid and Multicloud Management

About SoftServe

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About Azure Arc for Servers

Azure Arc for Servers helps to simplify the use of different environments by offering traditional Azure resources on any type of infrastructure, regardless of its location. The VMs it manages can run in any data center, in a hosting facility, or as virtual servers in a managed, shared environment.

At the end of the engagement, the customer can expect the following outcomes:

  • Overview of Azure Arc Servers Enabled concept and use cases.
  • Server-based infrastructure onboarded to Azure Arc.
  • Enabled Azure Hybrid Security, Compliance, Logging, and Monitoring services.
  • Workload integrated with Azure Arc and validated.


Week 1

  • An introduction to Azure Arc for Servers enabled
  • Arc for Servers concepts and architecture review
  • Walking through the Arc for Servers features.
  • Identify workload for PoC
  • Assess client’s workload readiness to make it Arc onboarded

Week 2

  • On-board servers to Azure Arc
  • Enabling of Azure Hybrid features

Weeks 3-4

  • Integrating workload with Azure Arc services
  • Workload validation


  • Revealed Azure Arc for Servers enabled concepts, use cases, and features
  • Assessed workload’s readiness for Arc onboarding
  • Server-based infrastructure onboarded to Azure Arc
  • Workload integrated with Azure Hybrid services and validated

The price quoted is indicative and will vary depending upon the actual complexity and scope.