Azure Cost Optimization: 4-Week assessment

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Define and build your cloud cost strategy and get actionable steps to decrease costs immediately up to 20%

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About assessment

Cloud cost optimization is one of the top challenges and initiatives for businesses nowadays. Organizations continue to increase their cloud spend and, in doing so, struggle to maintain cost transparency and accurately forecast cloud-related costs. When it comes to software-related cloud challenges, companies often lack an in-depth understanding of software licensing and opt for on-demand consumption. This cost model leaves no room for savings and can actually quickly send the client over budget on cloud-related expenses. Duplicated, incorrectly-sized and idle resources can also add up to thousands – or even millions – of dollars in wasted expenditures every year.

If you feel like your organization overspends on Azure cloud resources, this assessment will bring an understanding of your costs, possible cloud cost optimization strategies, and tactics and will provide concrete short and long-term steps to decrease your bill.

Apart from recommendations on how to decrease costs immediately, our Experts will define and build a proactive cost management strategy, which will help predict your future expenses, understand dependencies, and have a precise cost classification.

With a cost management strategy, you will be able to continuously review your costs, notice trends on how these costs change in your financial planning, and precisely understand your future expenses for each phase of a project. When you are tracking day-to-day expenses, you can spot violations in the cost-management model, immediately address them, understand why they are occurring, and either fix these problems or adjust the model to address your specific needs.


Week 1 – Discovery phase

  • Identify stakeholders and cooperating schedule
  • Introduce to Azure cloud cost optimization strategies and tactics
  • Select cost optimization candidates/workloads/subscriptions

Week 2-3 – Evaluation phase

  • Evaluate selected candidates/workloads/subscriptions
  • Review Azure Advisor scores
  • Analyze billing and cost
  • Interview stakeholders
  • Process the collected data

Week 4 – Delivery phase

  • Prepare Assessment report
  • Build a cost and usage report
  • Prepare a recommendations proposal to optimize cloud costs
  • Build a high-level implementation roadmap for cost optimization
  • Define cost optimization strategies
  • Calculate estimated savings
  • Conduct feedback sessions with stakeholders
  • Deliver the report with recommendations


An Assessment report describing cost and usage, recommendations on optimization with short and long-term proposals, high-level implementation roadmap, strategies on evaluation of spending, governance & policy recommendations to limit over-provisioning and estimated savings. Presentation and discussion of draft ideas on the recommended improvements