Azure Governance: 4-Week Assessment

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Get recommendations outlining gaps and areas of improvement based on Cloud Adoption Framework (CAF) Governance best practices.

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About Review

The Azure Cloud Governance assessment is designed to evaluate your cloud management process against best practices and industry standards from CAF. Our experts will go through all aspects of Azure governance, make a trade-off analysis and prepare a report.

Deliverables Document With:

  • Risks converted into policies and compliance statements based on the review of current Azure environment
  • Actionable recommendations outlining gaps and areas of improvements
  • Recommended compliance process


Week 1 Kick-off Workshop

  • Identify stakeholders, agenda and deliverables review
  • CAF and Governance overview Preparation:
  • Governance benchmark assessment
  • Review existing documentation: corporate policies, Azure Portfolio, Landing Zones, Governance process
  • Review of current Azure environment

Week 2-3 Review Azure Environment Risks According To Governance Disciplines

  • Cost management: budget control and overrun, utilization loss, spending anomalies, over-provisioned assets
  • Security baseline: data breach, service disruption
  • Resource consistency: under-provisioned/over-provisioned resources, management inefficiencies, resource right-sizing
  • Identity baseline: unauthorized access, over-provisioned access
  • Deployment acceleration: service disruption, organizational inefficiencies Evaluation of common governance antipatterns Review usage of Azure governance services

Week 4 Assessment Results

  • Trade-off analysis
  • Prepare and present report document
  • Q&A The entire assessment can take place within four weeks or be spread over several weeks.

The price quoted is indicative and will vary depending upon the actual complexity and scope.