Journey to the Cloud: 2-5 Weeks Assessment

Softtek Servicios y Tecnología SA de CV

Assistance to you business to maximize your value with Microsoft Azure

Journey to the Cloud is a service provided by Softtek, that aims to discover and identify possible workloads to be migrated to Microsoft Azure cloud.

This service includes the discovery and identification of servers, applications and databases where the main objective is provide visibility to our customers and assist them in the creation of a cloud strategy targeting to increase application portfolio value and optimizing TCO.

Tools: -Movere -Cloud Pilot -Block64 -HP UDiscovery

The main deliverable of this service is a Report Out presentation with the analysis and strategy to start workloads migration into Microsoft Azure.

This service requires availability of our customers in order to identify priority, impact and urgency of the landscape and application portfolio, having a duration between 2 and 5 weeks, depending on customers availability and landscape or portfolio size.