Cloud Starter Pack for Azure


Get a solid foundation to start your cloud adoption journey with the Cloud Starter Pack for Azure by SoftwareOne

Getting started on the cloud adoption journey can be daunting. Our ‘Cloud Starter Pack for Azure’ is a short, proactive professional services engagement that provides all the aspects you need to get started. Using a combination of our local skilled Azure consultants, and our globally scaled delivery teams, SoftwareOne will help kick-start your Azure adoption journey by delivering:

• An automated deployment of a foundational “landing zone” in Azure. This will provide the foundational networking and security configurations, deployed to meet Microsoft best-practises, which will be the ideal base to allow you to start migrating applications into your new Azure subscription.

• An information-packed workshop, delivered by our local Azure consultants, that will explain the basics of governance, security, and cost control, for your new Azure subscription to ensure you are fully in control from day 1.

• An express discovery of your current on-premises server estate, which will not only help you start to plan which workloads to move to cloud, but will also provide a basic ‘Total Cost of Ownership’ (TCO) comparison between your current on-premises costs, and potential future Azure costs if you were to move your applications as they are today. The output of this exercise can then be used to perform further detailed analysis (at additional cost) of your estate to identify which applications are good candidates for modernization, and which should be moved to cloud as they are.

• An executive presentation to your technology leadership, providing an overview of everything that has been delivered, and making recommendations for the best next steps to continue to accelerate the benefits that cloud can bring your organization.