Azure Landing Zone Quickstart for Nonprofit


Launch your cloud journey with an Microsoft Azure blueprint optimised for impact

Navigating Microsoft Azure can be intricate, especially when your mission depends on it. Our Landing Zone solution offers a clear, secure, and scalable Azure setup anchored in Microsoft's best practices. This isn't just a starting point; it's a base tailored to your nonprofit's needs, ensuring governance, flexibility, and efficient growth in Azure.

Tailored Setup: Configured specifically for nonprofit missions.

Secure Foundation: Anchored in Microsoft's security best practices.

Scalable: Designed to grow with your initiatives.

Governance Focused: Ensuring clarity and control in cloud operations.

Future-Ready: Facilitating agile adjustments for evolving needs.

About Quickstart for Nonprofit

Tailored services to get started with new technologies, aligned to industry best practice.

By aligning tech with mission-driven goals, we ensure organisations navigate the digital space with clarity, optimising outcomes and furthering their impactful reach in the communities they serve.

Estimated Price: Starts at 12,000 CHF