FinOps Starter Pack 6-Wk Assessment


Optimize your cloud financial management and operational excellence with our FinOps Starter Pack by SoftwareONE

With the FinOps starter pack we are showcasing our extraordinary abilities on cloud financial management (FinOps) for your Azure environment. Therefore, we will combine our methodologies with our technology as well as platform components.

The offering includes a FinOps Diagnostic assessment to gather as well as analyze the current strategy, methodologies and processes of the customer within the following areas: Cloud Alignment, Cloud Maturity, Cloud Strategy, Cloud Platform, Cloud Security, FinOps Information, FinOps Optimization and FinOps Operation.

The corresponding results and optimization potential will be included in the final presentation and will support you in getting the most value from your investment into Azure.

The service will also contain our FinOps Platform Experience which will demonstrate the ability of certified FinOps platform, the PyraCloud for your Azure resources. Therefore the customer will be onboarded to the PyraCloud to experience with this cloud consumption data the possibilities to create transparency as well as accountability regarding their cloud consumption and costs.

Also included in the Starter Pack is the Cost Optimization Proof of Value where the customer can see real examples of cost saving potentials for their Azurespend provided by our FinOps platform and expertise.

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