Data Foundations Advisory Services by SoftwareOne


Get ready for future data-driven processes and AI initiatives powered by Microsoft Azure with Data Foundation Advisory Services by SoftwareOne

SoftwareOne Data Foundations Advisory Services powered by Microsoft Azure gives enterprises the opportunity to lay a robust and scalable data foundation, to ensure governance, streamline operations and be well-equipped for future data-driven processes and AI initiates:

  • Robust data ecosystems implementation

  • Migration and modernization consulting

  • Modern data management techniques adoption

Understand the data ecosystem maturity of your organization and key outcomes to be addressed. Our tailored engagement includes a suite of Microsoft Azure related services designed to establish, standardize and optimize an organization’s data infrastructure.

Our experience, delivered by our team of experts in Data & Open AI, Adoption and Change Management and Security, includes envisioning, discovery and adoption of required changes based on the priorities from discovery phase ensuring business acumen.

Workshop components:

Envision: Assess current maturity of data ecosystem and build clear value proposition between business and IT.

Duration: 1 week Cost: $5,000

  • Workshops and knowledge transfer: how data platform can enhance business and operational processes

  • Data Ecosystem maturity assessment

  • Key business outcomes alignment

Discover: Design data ecosystem that enables the organization for AI adoption and plan activities upon business case approval

Duration: 1-3 weeks Cost: $23,000 - $30,000

  • Discovery workshops: how current data ecosystem maturity can be increased.

  • Technical capabilities and areas to grow alignment.

  • Tailored action plan that fits your current state of data ecosystem compared to target model.

Solution: Adopt required changes based on the priorities from discovery phase ensuring business acumen

Duration: 2-6 weeks Cost: individual pricing

  • Action plan execution according to priorities

  • Actions such as: platform and ecosystem design, data literacy workshops, migration and modernisation planning, operating model alignment

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