SAP on Azure Managed Service 4-Wk Impl.


Platform-as-a-Service for SAP solutions on Azure

SoftwareOne's SAP on Azure Managed Service is designed and built for SAP systems run on the Azure. This is underpinned by modern IT Ops methodologies and unique SoftwareONE management tooling such as monitorSimple© and PyraCloud©.

Why S4/HANA on Azure?

Optimized Revenue: Leverage advanced big data & emerging technologies embedded in the intelligent ERP and Azure services to enable new business models and revenue streams.

Optimized Costs: Leverage Azure and all its economies of scale and consumption flexibility to reduce the overall infrastructure costs.

Optimized Productivity: Leverage simplified processes, continuous business process innovation, and enhanced user interface technologies to drive higher productivity.

What SoftwareOne Delivers?

• Fully Flexible Service: SoftwareOne offers several levels of SAP on Azure Managed Services (Silver, Gold, Platinum) with ability to serve ad-hoc change requests fully tailored towards and aligned with the customer’s business and IT strategies. Each offering is tailored to a customer’s particular situation.

• World-class SAP Monitoring: Our Managed Services include an unparalleled focus on keeping your mission critical systems up and running on Azure. We apply purpose-built applications to monitor and predict downtime and security events before they occur for both the SAP application as well as Azure layer and integrated with the Azure Operations Management Suite (OMS).

• ‘White Glove’ Quality:For our Gold and Platinum Managed Service level we offer flexible demand and resource planning aligned with bi-yearly innovation and capacity assessment to optimize resourcing and spending leveraging state-of-the-art tooling and best practices.


• Cloud automation using infrastructure as code

• SoftwareONE's experience in optimizing workloads on Azure

• PyraCloud

• monitorSimple© for SAP & Azure and integrated with the Azure Operations Management Suite (OMS)