VIEW for Azure: 4-Hr Workshop


A Global Consulting Service that helps organizations of all sizes to get a real impression and overview about the benefits and usage of Azure.

At the Value Inspiration and Experience Workshop, customers will see how Azure can increase their IT Agility, accelerate their time to market and create new business opportunities. Experience AHA moments in a creative atmosphere. VIEW is an inspiring workshop for business decision makers. Customers will discover how, with the different aspects of Microsoft Azure, you can achieve their business goals faster, easier, and more cost effectively. Customers will develop a deep understanding of how to best implement different Azure solutions. Video stories illustrate real business scenarios that can be used as a blueprint for their company. In the interactive workshop the customer will identify their personal challenges and needs. This will allow them to find answers and solutions for their personal business with Azure. Azure Value Inspiration & Experience Workshop (VIEW), for business decision makers, up to 10 participants, 3–4 hours, tailored to personal challenges.