GitHub Advanced Security for Azure DevOps 4-WK Imp

Solidify AB

The objective of this service is to help you get up and running with GHAS for ADO. It includes analysis, hands-on work, and educational sessions so you can continue your journey independently.


The objective of this service is to guide organizations in seamlessly integrating GitHub Advanced Security (GHAS) for Azure DevOps (ADO) and harnessing the combined capabilities of both platforms. Through a series of analyses, hands-on sessions, and educational modules, we empower you to embark on your GHAS and Azure journey autonomously.

1. Discovery:

Here, we undertake a collaborative review of your existing Azure DevOps environment. Our primary aim is to chalk out an optimal strategy for the adoption of GitHub Advanced Security within the Azure framework. Additionally, we'll determine the requisite setup and configurations tailored for your organization's needs.

2. Insight:

This phase is centered around knowledge transfer. Our experts will conduct sessions illuminating the nuances of GitHub Advanced Security within the Azure DevOps landscape. The training will encompass diverse facets, catering to administrators, developers, and Azure DevOps professionals.

3. Best Practices Implementation:

Upon finalizing the GHAS configuration tailored for Azure DevOps, we will actively embed the chosen setup. Moreover, we'll equip you with a versatile template code, ensuring other teams in your organization can replicate the setup with minimal effort.

Through this structured approach, we ensure your team gains a holistic understanding and can effectively leverage GitHub Advanced Security within Azure DevOps.

Intended Audience

This service is tailored for:

  • Organizations that have recently migrated to GitHub Advanced Security on Azure DevOps
  • Developers.
  • Team Leads.
  • Azure DevOps Teams.
  • Engineering Managers.
  • Security specialists.


  • Furnish specialized training for pivotal stakeholders (security teams, developers, Azure build & infrastructure teams) to amplify their GHAS prowess.
  • Provide hands-on assistance for enabling a pilot team, troubleshooting issues, and furnishing a blueprint for subsequent deployment.
  • Instill and implement best practices for deploying GitHub Advanced Security within Azure.
  • Collaborate with a GHAS expert to formulate a robust rollout and deployment blueprint.
  • Propel the uptake of Advanced Security within Azure DevOps.
  • Recommend and impart best configuration practices.
  • Mitigate common hurdles and challenges.


Upon the culmination of this fast-track program, participants will:

  • Efficiently deploy GitHub Advanced Security for Azure DevOps.
  • Leverage GitHub Advanced Security competently within Azure's enterprise framework.
  • Ensure relevant teams are well-versed with all GitHub Advanced security facets.


  • Theoretical lectures on fundamental concepts.
  • Demonstrations.
  • Interactive labs.
  • Practical hands-on sessions.
  • Q&A focused on Azure-specific challenges.

Time Commitment Options

  • The typical duration spans 2-4 weeks, with potential extensions based on organizational intricacies.

Training Sessions

GHAS on AzDO Rollout & Deployment Training:

  • Grasp best practices for deploying GHAS within Azure DevOps.
  • Uncover the technical intricacies supporting a phased GHAS rollout in Azure.
  • Delve into strategies achieving high compliance and vulnerability remediation, emphasizing documentation and proactive Azure-specific enablement.
  • Showcase of GHAS activation within Azure DevOps.

GHAS on AzDO Security Team Training:

  • Recapitulate the foundational elements of GHAS and its interplay with Azure DevOps.
  • Debate third-party reporting options, with an emphasis on Azure-compatible platforms like Splunk.
  • Navigate APIs to facilitate custom workflows, supplemented with practical examples.

GHAS on AzDO Developer Training:

  • Comprehend the myriad GHAS features tailored for Azure DevOps.
  • Acquire hands-on exposure to GHAS functionalities within Azure.
  • Grasp the GHAS developer workflow in an Azure context.

Pilot Team Implementation

  • Structured sessions aiding teams in activating GHAS functionalities within Azure repositories.
  • Joint efforts in personalizing configurations for selected repositories, ensuring optimized engagement and remedy rates.
  • Proffer a template, promoting large-scale GHAS activation within Azure.
  • Hasten the adoption of GHAS across Azure landscapes.

Security Results Review

  • Collaborative GHAS outcomes review, augmented by expert insights.
  • A walkthrough on harnessing the GHAS interface for result interpretation and triage within Azure.
  • Receive customized remediation strategies.
  • Procure tailored configuration advice to optimize GHAS outcomes.


  • Attendees identified for each of the training sessions.
  • Identification of a pilot team with 1‐5 repositories hosted in AzDO repositories.
  • Sufficient GitHub Advanced Security on Azure DevOps seats purchased for at least the pilot team.