DevOps as service scoping workshop - 3 hours

Solidify AB

Do you have high performance teams that put too much time on your GitHub or Azure DevOps platform instead of development?

Or do you want to get rid of supporting your DevOps platform to focus only on development?

Have a 3 hour session with Solidify experts to identify your needs in DevOps As a Service, and how we at Solidify could help you implement the best solution.


  • 3 hours workshop with Solidify experts
  • Identify DevOps As a Service requirements
  • Define a clear picture of where and how Solidify could help your organization achieve software excellence.

What could you get?

  • We provide you with a main point of contact that is reachable through your group communication software of your choice, email, or phone
  • We work together with you using a common backlog for planning and prioritizing
  • We provide training for your development teams depending on needs
  • Most of our work will be done remotely, but some meetings or trainings might be done IRL
  • We work both proactively to have your Development platform up to date and in good shape, and reactively and help you with support questions

Where Can We Help Solidify has experts from all areas of the DevOps spectrum. Our specialists can help your team with anything from agile coaching to designing and implementing high availability Kubernetes clusters. Over the years, we have found that there are key areas that customers have a hard time to find time to support on their own. These are by no means trivial and benefits a lot from having expert help at hand whenever you need it. Some of these areas are:

  • Upgrades
  • Migrations, moving your development platform to the cloud
  • General DevOps support
  • Pipelines, setting up you platform to use Microsoft/GitHub hosted agents och private in a VM in Azure or on prem.
  • Setting up Development/test environments in Azure
  • Version control
  • Communication and collaboration
  • Monitoring and logging with application insight or the tool of your choice
  • Security and compliance