BizTalk Cloud Migration: 6-Days Assessment

Solita Oy

Assessment to create the road map for migrating on-premises BizTalk environment into Azure cloud

What? A compact consultation project to produce information needed to start effective BizTalk migration Why? Cost and time effective way to produce concrete plan for complex migration topic How? Solita gathers pre-defined information of existing BizTalk environment and performs analysis to create a road map suggestion for migration

Integrations are key enabler for all digital service development. Expectation for agility and speed to deliver integrations has increased. At the same time on-going cloud adoption has made integration needs more versatile than ever. BizTalk server has been designed against very different integration requirements than the ones faced today. BizTalk product road map is long and keeping the version up to date requires plenty of resources. Migrating BizTalk server into a cloud native platform solves many problems faced today with BizTalk.

Key benefits for migrating BizTalk to Azure:

  1. Increased ability to meet modern integration needs
  2. Maintenance and operations costs savings
  3. Future proof solution

Content of consulting assignment:

  1. BizTalk platform parameters gathering
  2. Existing BizTalk integrations complexity analysis
  3. Azure migrator tool compatibility analysis
  4. Migration planning requirement gathering

Deliverable: Migration Roadmap plan

Costs: Based on number of existing BizTalk integrations. Starting from 6000 € for environments with less than 50 existing integrations.