PUBSEC Cloud Adoption Framework: 2 Day Assessment


Sol-Tec's PUBSEC - Cloud Adoption Framework for Microsoft Azure provides provides a proven methodology and suite of services that delivers value across every stage of your transformation journey

Our PUBSEC Cloud Adoption Framework provides your organisation with the knowledge, skills and services to implement cloud computing technologies that are fully aligned with your organisation's business priorities and desired outcomes.

We work with your teams to understand:

  • Your Motivations for Cloud Adoption & Migration
  • Define your business outcomes
  • Develop your business justification
  • Choose the right first project

We help guide you through the process of creating a robust Cloud Adoption Strategy, helping you deliver targeted business value back to your organisation and ultimately, to reach your desired state of transformation.

  • We help you understand your Cloud Adoption Journey through our Cloud Adoption Tracker
  • We benchmark your organisation against both your current state and your aspirational priorities to identify any gaps in governance
  • We examine your workloads through the lenses of reliability, cost management, operational excellence, security, and efficiency
  • We provide personalised recommendations and clear next actions to help accelerate your cloud journey