Velocity Landing Zone - 2 Hour Evaluation Workshop


Let us help you understand how to get up and running in Azure quickly with a fully functional Azure environment ready to run production workloads, designed and implemented in your Azure tenancy

Our team of Azure Architects and delivery consultants will provide a free 2 hour consultation to help you understand how we can design and deploy your Azure Landing Zone. On completion of the workshop , you will understand how you can have an Azure environment suitable for running enterprise applications, be those migrated from existing on-premises environments or net new cloud applications.

Standard service package: Design * Remote Design workshop to capture customer specific requirements. * Design Diagram produced.

Build * Hub & Spoke Subscriptions built in line with Azure Enterprise Scaffold good practice recommendations using IaaC. * Designed around consuming 1st party Microsoft services for network security. * Build includes all Azure components necessary for a production ready Azure Virtual Data Centre.

Project Management * Sol-Tec provide remote PM time to manage only Sol-Tec resources. * Weekly progress reporting in RAG status report

Handover * Remote half-day handover session to operations / support teams..

Custom Options We’d recommend selecting the Premier Landing Zone offering if customisation is required.

Outcome Should you devide to proceed with a Velocity Landing Zone, on completion of the final engagement you will have an operational Azure environment ready for new or migrated workloads that includes: * Hub & Spoke topology * Security (Isolation & Policy) * Subscription management * Role Based Access Control * Azure Networking & Firewall * Build automation for Spokes * Security & Availability Monitoring * Backup & Recovery

Other Azure Landing Zone packages available: Strandard, Premier & Bespoke