Microsoft Sentinel Workshop: 4 Weeks of Implementation

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The objective of this workshop is to provide an overview of the capabilities and benefits on how to analyze threats with Sentinel and automate your security operations to make them more effective.

Microsoft Sentinel Workshop

It is a workshop to train IT security professionals on a cloud security solution, Microsoft Sentinel. Microsoft Sentinel is a security analytics platform that allows to collect, detect, investigate and respond to cyber threats in real time, leveraging artificial intelligence and machine learning. Microsoft Sentinel Workshop is an opportunity to learn more about this innovative solution and learn how to implement and take full advantage of it. In addition, you will be able to understand how to mitigate threats by showing how Microsoft 365 and Azure security products help you mitigate and protect against the threats you encounter.

The most commonly used key features covered in the Microsoft Sentinel workshop are:

  • The ability to integrate data from multiple sources, both Microsoft and third-party, to obtain a complete and unified view of the security situation.
  • The ability to create custom rules, alerts and queries to identify and prioritize the most relevant threats and reduce false positives.
  • The use of interactive notebooks to perform advanced analysis, automate tasks and share findings with other experts.
  • Access to predefined or customized playbooks to orchestrate and automate incident response actions, such as blocking accounts, isolating devices or sending notifications.
  • Integration with other Microsoft security solutions, such as Defender for Endpoint, Defender for Identity, Microsoft 365 Defender or Azure Defender, for comprehensive and coordinated protection.

The Overcast team can identify and expose you to some of the highlights of the workshop:

  • Create a defined deployment roadmap based on your environment and objectives
  • Have visibility into email, identity and data threats
  • Better understand, prioritize and mitigate potential threat vectors
  • Understand the features and benefits of Azure Sentinel