Accelerated Cloud Innovation:1-Month Assessment

Solution Design Group, Inc.

Modernize your digital products & accelerate business innovation using our proven assessment model. Get the blueprint that meets your business objectives & customer needs based on your organization.

The initial product innovation engagement will consist of three main stages to prove out the product. Once this assessment is completed, we will know exactly what Azure products will be needed to modernize your product(s) with Microsoft Cloud Technologies by the prioritization of features for your product. This will be your Azure Blueprint to app modernization..

Definition This stage is focused on helping you define the vision for your product. We will discuss your business goals and strategy, in addition to a market opportunity analysis to help align your strategy to reality. Once we identify these components, we will shift the focus to customer targets to understand what you perceive is that opportunity with your customer base.

Opportunity By the end of Definition, we have assembled an Opportunity Abstract that must be further vetted, explored and refined to more succinctly capture business value. At the same time, our UX researchers will begin to gather customer insights to determine the value point of the product from a customer perspective. Customer interviews are encouraged, and our team begins to match the customer value points to the business benefits to ensure alignment within the product. By the end of this phase, we will have worked with you to construct a business case, representing both a business and customer perspective, for your product.

Concept During this phase we accelerate the project by building and testing protypes, to validate that we can deliver the desired value with the digital product. This approach supports a fail-fast mentality and minimizes the risk of continued investment in solutions that do not yield intended value. Once proven to be valuable, the concept helps to drive the technical blueprint for the product as we move towards development. By the end of this phase, we will know the proper Azure architecture needs to deliver a feasible solution that meets both business and customer needs.