Azure 4 Week Briefing, Assessment, and POC Offer

Pyramid Consulting Solutions

Azure 4 week Assessment, Briefing, and POC offer.

A Unique Consulting Package

Pyramid CI Solutions has teamed with leading app providers to offer an innovative Azure consulting service in three phases:

1. On-site Kickoff Briefing - executive session provides the following:

  • detailed look at assessment and benchmarking process
  • illustration of strategic and operational recommendations
  • example scenarios of infrastructure savings and workload economics
  • post-Assessment POC opportunity

2. 30 Day Assessment - analysis of the customer's Business and IT operations, Licensing, and Cloud economic potential, including:

  • Excess capacity and utilization data
  • Workload vulnerabilities and stress
  • MSFT licensing opportunities
  • Analysis of tech operations across people, processes, systems
  • Benchmarking metrics on tech operations maturity and innovation
  • Action steps for improving and elevating IT ops
  • (Note: Above results delivered in follow-up onsite readout of recommendations.)

POC Option - customer automatically qualifies for a follow-on POC: migration of an initial workload to Azure.