DPi30 - Modernize your Data Platform in 30 Days

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The goal of the offer is to help the organization to save cost and time.

Creating a data platform in Azure can be more time consuming and even costly. DPi30 is designed to help you to create a data platform in Azure very quickly and efficiently so that you can make intelligent business decisions by transforming years of data within weeks’ time.

Sonata’s Solutions: Data Platform helps in identifying, executing, and maintaining platforms:

  • Data Platformation Consulting: Analysis, Architecture & Roadmap
  • Development of Data Platform: Design, build & manage platform development adhering to the platform characteristics of OPEN, SCALABLE, CONNECTED and INTELLIGENT
  • Development of Data Distribution and Consumption Platform: Design, build and manage integration platforms, reporting platforms & analytical platform
  • Data Platform and Consumption Platform Maintenance

Sonata's 7-Step Methodology to Achieve Data Platforms: Sonata has a well-defined 7-step methodology to help enterprises to adopt the platform-based business model:

      Platform Maturity Assessment: Sonata conducts assessment of:
  • Customers business
  • Associated platform models and digital process
  • Business, data and technology assessment relevant to platform and digital processes
  • Benchmarks industry best practices
  • Makes recommendations
  • Customer Digital Agenda: Sonata creates the Digital Agenda for the enterprise and provides a workable, customized agenda.

    Platform Ecosystem & Design Thinking: Sonata, through a Design Thinking process, co-creates the platform ecosystem, models, and data platforms relevant to the enterprise.

    Digital Business Processes Definition: Sonata helps to create a Digital Business Process library for the enterprise along with the `As Is – To Be' gap analysis (business). Based on the same, future business processes and MARCHITECTURE SONATA SOFTWARE services are generated.

    Platform Characteristics: The 18-point framework is applied to identify relevant platform characteristics to the `To-Be' Platform architecture. Further data characteristics are identified using the framework.

    Platformation Roadmap & Proposal: Recommendation for platform roadmap and implementation priority are outlined:

  • Implementation priority based on quick wins, phases etc.
  • Technology adoption – data, cloud, platform engineering, and apps scope
  • Implementation proposal / business case covering execution plan, budgets, timelines etc.
  • Implementation: Implementing Data platform using Azure Fabric to build the data lake, Data warehouse and reports for the identified scope.

    Sonata your DPI Partner: Help enterprises to adopt new data strategies for leveraging data and implementing modern BI solutions:

  • Assumptions: One data source with 2-3 tables maximum (one domain Area)
  • Simple - Medium Reports
  • 4-6 Visuals in Report
  • Pre requisites: All Azure components on customer environment

  • All access to be arranged before commencement
  • Scope to be decided before commencement
  • Report validation to be completed within 2 business days
  • Customer Benefits: Modern data architecture designed and provisioned

  • End to end POC on the new architecture
  • One key report enabled for Business users on new environment
  • Firm foundation for the data modernization journey
  • Internal Effort: 2 resources - 4 weeks (3 person / month)

    Technology at Play: Azure Data Lake Gen2, Synapse Analytics, Azure Data Factory or Azure Data Bricks, Power-BI

    About Sonata Software:

    Sonata is a global technology company specialized in platform-based digital transformation, supporting businesses to become connected, open, intelligent and scalable. Sonata’s Platformation™ methodology brings together industry expertise, platform technology excellence, design innovation and strategic engagement models to deliver sustained value to customers. A trusted partner of world leaders in the retail, manufacturing, distribution, travel, services and software industries.

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