Sonata GenAI - Proof of concept

Sonata Software Ltd.

Unlock the Potential of Generative AI with Sonata's Harmoni.AI

Generative AI is already being adopted by enterprises and analysts are expecting the needs to grow significantly in the coming months.

Sonata’s ‘Responsible by Design’ approach ensures uncompromising ethics, trust, privacy, security, and compliance. Sonata’s Harmoni.AI is a holistic “Responsible by Design” platform for generative AI. A Data Governance and Acceleration engine backs it with a choice of using Industry Leading LLMs and a consulting framework to enable effective adoption and faster time to market. Sonata has built 6 Service delivery platforms, Industry Use cases, and Acceleration BOTs. It is doing pilots with multiple customers, including Fortune 500 clients, particularly in the areas of Healthcare and Life Sciences, Consumer Products & Retail, Manufacturing, Telecom, Media & Technology, and Banking and Financial Services.

Sonata’s Harmoni.AI COE includes an intuitive 2 step process for customers to begin the adoption of this technology

  • Undertake a POC after identifying pilot use case. There three routes for use case selection – a. Select from a list of ready assets developed by Sonata; b. select a customer pre-selected use case or undertake an Envisioning engagement with Sonata.
  • Establish a COE for creating a roadmap for successfully rolling this out to various business functions implementing the learning from the POCs in a responsible manner.

Recognizing that every AI journey has its starting point, our proof-of-concept(POC) approach serves as your generative AI introduction. The scope of this offer is the development of POC for one simple use case on Azure Cloud using Azure OpenAI e.g. Search, Summarization, Content creation, Sentiment Analysis, without any third-party integrations and assuming the client has an Azure cloud tenant that can be used this solution.

Duration of the Engagement

Typically 4 weeks:

Encompassing development, Testing, and Deployment as a POC.

Benefits of Sonata's Harmoni.AI

  • Responsible AI with Harmoni.AI: Prioritizing ethical AI adoption, including data curation and safeguarding privacy, confidentiality, and intellectual property.
  • Faster Time to Market: Gain a competitive edge with our Acceleration Engine, expediting your AI initiatives.
  • Inventory of PoCs: Access pre-built solutions for various verticals, streamlining your AI adoption journey.