Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) -2 Week POC

Sonata Software Ltd.

Windows Virtual Desktop Services Engagement(2 weeks POC) will give your business a secure and remote workplace

Enable your employees to be more effective when working remotely. Choose Windows Virtual Desktop to provide a familiar and consistent environment for your employees to work on, wherever they are, with control over security and with policies based on your organization's compliance needs.

Sonata Offerings: Sonata can help you with Enterprise Readiness for WVD such as Assess current infrastructure blueprints for readiness, define Critical Success Factors and create remediation plan for infrastructure gaps.

We will also help you with Solutioning like Assessment report, deployment roadmap, Solution architecture and consult for WVD licenses compliance.

Further to this we shall engage with Custom Virtual Setup, Migration to Cloud & Deployment. We shall create secure Azure landing zone, design Azure Networking components, Customize OS Image preparation, publish with LOB Application and enable Security policies. Further during deployment and setup of WVD we shall automate runbooks, Configure Azure backup, enable Patch Management solution for WVD pool and help with End user onboarding & training.

Post deployment Sonata can also help with ongoing support, optimization and managed services for WVD

Week1:Discovery Phase • Assessment of current setup • No. of users for the POC & their location • No. of on-premises Apps to be considered for the POC • Total no. of Apps accessed by the users (both on-premises & Cloud) • Any specific software/tools that need to be tested as part of POC

Week2:Implementation Phase • Create a virtual network, address space, subnet & VNet peering with hub subscription. • Provision virtual machine to create a golden image. • The team deploys host pools by using the default virtual machine (VM) sizes & Windows 10 gallery image. • Create RemoteApp application groups for workloads, FSLogix profile container. • Test the performance and latency. • End-user onboarding & documentation.