Azure Architecture: 3-days assessment

Sopra Steria France

3 days of assessment workshop for conducting a full Well Architecture Review.

When modernizing the IT landscape it is always good to have a guiding north star for your journey to cloud. Microsoft is providing excellent guidances for your Azure architectures through to the Well Architecture Framework (part of the Cloud Adoption Framework).

Sopra Steria CSA (Cloud Solution Architects) help you to review your design using the Well Architecture Review tool. Achieving this, your architects and software engineers can be confident about the choices they made and make sure they addressed the right topics when they designed their cloud architecture.

Conducted by Certified Cloud Solution Architects, the review is the unique opportunity for experts to commonly work on your architecture, share their visions and learn from each other. The solutions reviewed using the Well Architecture Review are more robust, more cost effective and more secured than others. It is the starting point for engaging a continuous improvement plan that drive the excellence of your IT in Azure.

This review is conducted on 3 sessions and is available on remote or on site (on demand).

Agenda day 1

  • Overview of the perimeter to assess
  • Assessment on pillar Reliability
  • Assessment on pillar Security

Agenda day 2

  • Assessment on pillar Cost
  • Assessment on pillar Operational Excellence
  • Assessment on pillar Performance
  • Review & report restitution

Agenda day 3

  • Review & report restitution

Deliverables A review report including all recommendations made by the reviewer.

Price Fixed price for 2 estimated remote sessions & 1 restitution. Price includes production of the review report. No travel fees included, on site delivery possible on demand.

Other assessments are available on demand (same kind of format) :

  • Landing zone review
  • Mission critical Well Architected Review
  • Power Platform Assessment
  • Developer Velocity Assessment