Data Governance Assessment - 3 weeks

Sopra Steria Norway

An assessment for measuring data governance in an organization. Looking into roles, competency, culture, processes, people and technology. Doing a GAP analysis against data strategy.

Target Audience: CxO Level, CIO, HR and IT-manager

Professional service: Sopra Steria’s framework for data driven company transformation. An assessment of data governance looking into current data strategy, data ownership, processes for data governance, culture, and competency in an organization. Conduct a GAP analysis against data strategy. Verify how Azure Purview can provide tooling for data catalog, data discovery, lineage identification, and data classification.

Solution: An assessment and a report. Gives a draft for a business case for establishing data governance and recommendations for automating parts of the processes and give proper tooling to data owners. Gives an assessment of organization, processes, technology and industry.

Outcome: A report containing

  • An as-is state for the organization
  • A GAP analysis with a TO-BE recommendation
  • Roadmap for actions
  • Recommendation for products to automate data governance processes and gives tools to data owners to govern their data, use more data and improve data quality
  • Recommendations for data governance specific for organizations, processes and tools
  • Gives reccomandations on how to implement data governance in Azure and consider if Purview is a fit