Azure DevOps Maturity Assessment : Four Weeks

Sourced Group

Sourced has developed a DevOps Maturity Assessment that will provide you with an insight into the current state of your DevOps practice and a recommendations guide to build towards your target state.

What is the DevOps Maturity Assessment?

The Azure cloud DevOps maturity Assessment is for Heads of Technology, Development, or Operations, responsible for the organisation’s engineering processes, operational compliance, and innovative enablement. This assessment pays specific attention to the people, processes, and tooling used, comparing it to the practices implemented in mature DevOps teams and organisations.

Sourced applies best practices gained from years of Azure cloud experience, alongside the five DevOps functions adopted from the CALMS framework, to provide a complete holistic overview of your organisation’s DevOps practices - from identifying gaps to recommending effective treatment. To enable your organisation to set clear objectives and visualise the future of scalable DevOps maturity for your Azure platform, our consultants will present vital themes that underpin any potential gaps in the maturity of your DevOps approach.


  • Enhance Maturity. Achieve DevOps maturity with a clear roadmap and effort estimation aligning to your innovation strategy.
  • Increase Velocity. Increase feature release velocity through operational efficiencies and automation.
  • Improve Security. Embed DevSecOps practices within your release process to raise awareness of security policies.
  • Raise Quality. Raise the quality bar in your organisation by integrating agile practices and continuous improvement.

With a comprehensive report of findings and a clear pathway for uplift, you will gain a competitive edge and enable your engineering processes to release applications faster.