Data Analytics Strategy: 2hr Workshop


Gain rapid understanding of data analytics readiness and how to implement a data analytics strategy that helps you evolve into a data-driven organization

With tons of data being generated constantly and faster than ever, you know there is a huge opportunity to improve your business with the right set of tools – but with so many things out there, how do you know where to start? SOUTHWORKS Data Analytics Strategy Consultation helps you understand how to leverage the Microsoft Data Platform to improve and evolve your business through data analytics.

Whether you are looking to monitor your business performance with specific KPIs, understand better what your users want, take your business automation to the next level, or discover hidden insights, we’re here to help you get started with cloud-based data analytics.

This consultation is designed to help you take the first step in evolving into a data-driven organization using the Microsoft Data Platform to facilitate better processes, better marketing, and better decision-making.

In this workshop we’ll cover:
Assessment: Rapid understating of starting point and illustration of common challenges that have been met before.
Strategy: Strategy discussion uncovering objectives, understanding which Azure analytics tools will help you meet your needs, and gap analysis.
Readiness Check: Rapid assessment of where you are now, and what you need to do to begin your journey.
Roadmap and Recommendations: Co-created roadmap leveraging SOUTHWORKS expertise and recommendations.

Outputs: Your team will understand what your organization stands to gain from leveraging the Microsoft Data Platform to implement greater data analytics, know where you are now, what common challenges lie ahead, and leave with an understanding of what you need to do to become ready, and what the first steps in your Azure data analytics adoption journey are.