Modernize SQL with Azure: 1-month Implementation

Space Hellas SA

Migrate SQL Databases to Azure PaaS SQL offering using Space Hellas Services

Space Hellas, as a direct CSP tier-1 Microsoft partner, offers the full spectrum of cloud services that can help navigate cloud landscape, public or hybrid. Beginning with Cloud Strategy, Planning, Migration and finally Governance, Management & Optimization, Space Hellas helps customers to overcome these challenges and accelerate cloud value.

When coming to SQL Data Platform, Space Hellas' comprehensive cloud migration framework brings industrialized capabilities together with pre-configured migration-specific tools, methods, and automation for PaaS cloud model and SQL Managed Instances on Azure. In detail, Azure SQL Managed Instance is designed for customers looking to migrate a large number of apps from an on-premises or IaaS environment to a fully managed PaaS cloud environment, with as low a migration effort as possible.

The migration framework Space Hellas utilizes, consists of 4 phases with an overall duration of 4 weeks for all of them:

  1. DB Discovery and Dependencies Analysis
  2. Migration Assessment
  3. Migration Planning
  4. DB Migration Execution

This method can guarantee a successful cloud adoption result and can be adopted for either a small business IT footprint or a large enterprise IT environment.

The outcome of this implementation is a PaaS cloud solution, meaning SQL DB workloads are hosted on standardized hardware and software that is owned and maintained by Microsoft. The benefits of migrating to an Azure PaaS solution such as SQL Managed Instance are:

  • Native PaaS capabilities (automatic patching and version updates, automated backups, high availability)
  • Always on the latest stable SQL engine version
  • Reduced operational costs and TCO
  • No hardware and operating system management
  • Compatibility for migrating multiple databases with minimum blockers and refactoring
  • You maintain significant control on SQL engine level
  • Built-in security and compliance
  • Business continuity with built-in resiliency (99.99% uptime SLA)