Data Governance - 8 week assessment

Sparkhound LLC

Detailed assessment to build a foundational data governance strategy for your company

Data is now recognized as one of the most valuable corporate assets. Reliability and accuracy are critical to avoiding costly mistakes and errors. Sparkhound's Data Governance Service addresses issues at an enterprise level or with individual interests to set up a data quality and governance process via Azure Purview.

This service is customized to fit the needs of your organization and build a detailed roadmap with prioritization, budget, timeline, and resource loading in the following categories:

  • Process Mapping
  • Identified Process Changes
  • Data Quality and Policy Recommendations leveraging Azure Purview
  • Virtual Steward Structure & Responsibilities

Our 8 week assessment will look at key components of your data development lifecycle, built on top of Azure Purview. Implementation will be dependent on findings, complexity, and number of initiatives identified. A sample layout of an engagement can look like this:

Week 1: Information Gathering Week 2: Planning and Analysis Week 3: Solution Design w/Azure Purview Week 4: Solution Development Week 5: Solution Testing Week 6-7: Solution Implementation Week 8: Monitor and Maintenance

Your data can be a valuable asset or expensive liability. Give your organization a strategic edge working with Sparkhound and Azure Purview.