Master Data Management 8 Week Implementation

Sparkhound LLC

Sparkhound's Master Data Management services will bring you to a single source of truth across one (or many) domains. Discovery Session to define your data value, and implement new MDM on Azure

Is your business leveraging data to run efficiently, competitively, and timely?

Data is now a significant part of a companies valuation and impacts every business function by driving decisions through insight, hindsight, and foresight. We have such an influx of data points however, that keeping up with congruent data sources if they were never properly categories or governed can be a near-impossible task; business can't pause for a data issue to be ironed out.

This is where the value of a Master Data Management program can provide immediate relief, and when built on Microsoft SQL on Azure and leveraging Synapse, Sparkhound will give your company a fully functioned program that can look at one of many different domains that are critical to your organization:

Products -- does everyone in your organization view your services or products in the same way?

Customers -- customer experience standards have never been higher demanding that they have a better buying experience.

Supplier/Vendor -- maintaining data and coordinating changes across a broad network is never easy, and inconsistent records or requirements can result in service degradation.

Price/Cost -- manual data entry for any change in price leads to human error.

Digital Asset Management -- mismatching records can lead to compliance issues when the user access and inventory requirements aren't recorded properly

Sparkhound's Master Data Management Implementation is an 8 week engagement that combines our consulting experience with industry-leading tools: SQL on Azure, Azure Synapse and ATOMM as a domain consolidation tool.

Weeks 1-3: Discovery & Assess. What are your goals for MDM? What areas of Improvement are needed? What are your short/long term needs? Weeks 4-6: Implementation of new data domain Weeks 7-8: Test and Train

Deliverables include: new data domain built via ATOMM and Synapse on SQL in Azure, training, and full report on work completed and future levels of effort

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