Vision Workshop - 2 week assessment

Sparkhound LLC

Workshop and analyze gaps in your company's data modernization plans. Walk away with prioritization, budget, resourcing and timeline for your business, technology, and sustainability.

"Big data is the future!" we will tell our employees. But in reality all they hear is "where can I see it on my spreadsheet?"

Organizations are having issues getting the intormation they need to run their business easily, timely, and accurately. Some common challenges include:

  • Ease of use of existing systems
  • Accuracy of Data
  • Security Issues
  • Too many tools that don't meet specific needs
  • Manual processes that lead to poor performance

Empower yourself and your teams in all phases of your business. Leveraging Azure Analytics services, Sparkhound's Vision Workshop will help determine what will drive the most value in your organization based on empirical data.

We will understand your business needs to prepare compelling, valuable initiatives that will provide solutions to improve processes within your business. Our resources educate your organization on the value delivered by Azure Analytics, and evaluate your current execution abilities to provide a gap analysis.

Working with a leading industrial building materials organization we recognized a 10% increased revenue and 45% cost savings by leveraging data hierarchies and setting up a roadmap for fully integrated predictive and prescriptive analytics.

Sample Agenda: Preparation and understanding of needs -- 2-4 days Workshop with different BUs -- 1-2 days Analysis -- 2-4 days Results presentation -- 1 day

Deliverables: Prioritization, budget, timeline, and resource loading in comprehensive Business, Technology, and Sustainability Roadmaps.

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