Natural Language Processing: 10-week PoC

SpectData Pty Ltd

Natural Language Processing & Text Analytics Consulting Services using Azure Machine Learning Services

Our consulting niche is in Natural Language Process & Text Analytics. Natural Language Processing (NLP) is advancing quickly. It presents significant business opportunities to optimize business processes or propose a new business product through the effective use of text data. In our past projects, we have help clients use Microsoft Azure (see attached supporting material for more information) to: (1) Automating claims (2) Detecting contradictions (3) Triaging emails and news (4) Providing canned responses to incoming messages (5) Analyze human-human video conferences

Using our Microsoft Azure Machine Learning Services and academic research experience in cutting-edge deep learning NLP technologies, we would help you navigate the NLP / text analytics problems. The continual investments from Microsoft into Azure Machine Learning Services have seen many improvements, such as the availability of powerful, state-of-the-art NLP technologies like BERT and turn-key deployments such as Azure Kubenetes Services and Serverless Deployments. We would demonstrate how to use them effectively, based on our past projects and experience working together with Microsoft engineers.

Service deliverable summary: 2 weeks. Understanding the business problem with stakeholders and internal sponsors. Summarize internal efforts at the business problem. 1 week: Assemble data required for the model. 3 weeks: Prototype of the model. Light error analysis. Communicate findings 3 weeks: Second iteration of the model. 1 week: Detailed error analysis. Handover prototype and advise deployment if applicable.