DevOps with OSS on Azure – 1 Day Workshop

Spektra Systems LLC

Learn about building a CI/CD environment on Azure using your favorite open source tools.

In this one-day training course along with hands-on lab, you learn about OpenSource and DevOps ecosystem on Azure and about building CI/CD environments on Azure using open source tools and processes. The lab scenario will challenge you to setup continuous integration and delivery of an application using open source tools such as Jenkins and GitHub along with automated deployments to Azure App Services. You will learn about continuous deployment and the benefits of staged publishing.

Cost for the workshop includes training, hands-on guidance and azure subscriptions and account for executing lab.

Who this is for:

  • DevOps and Open Source Engineers
  • Application Developers

What you will learn:

  • Module-1: Understand OSS, DevOps ecosystem on Azure
  • Module-2: Design Solution architecture
  • Module-3: Learn and build building base infrastructure
    • Create a virtual machine to execute the lab
    • Install the MySQL Workbench
  • Module-4: Learn Deploy the Web Application and Database to Azure
  • Create the MySQL database
  • Restore the osTicket database to MySQL PaaS
  • Create the Web App
  • Configure the osTicket Web App
  • Configure FTP deployment credentials
  • Configure a staging slot
  • Module 5: Learn about Git and Configure local Git repository
    • Clone a GitHub repository locally
  • Module 6: Configure Git and Jenkins for continuous integration, delivery and deployment
  • Deploy a Jenkins server in Azure
  • Post-deployment configuration of the Jenkins server
  • Configure Jenkins staging deployment
  • Configure your GitHub repo to notify Jenkins of changes
  • Check in a change to trigger Jenkins job
  • Manually deploy to production
  • Summary