Windows Virtual Desktop - 1 Day Workshop

Spektra Systems LLC

Spektra Systems would like to invite you a 1-day Windows Virtual desktop workshop covering architecture, deployment and management aspects of a quality WVD Implementation.

Spektra Systems is a Microsoft Gold partner providing quality Azure service, in this workshop engagement, Spektra’s WVD experts will conduct a workshop for your IT Teams for them to learn and try out Windows Virtual Desktop. Spektra’s WVD expertise will assure that you have a best in class WVD experience from anywhere and on any device, packaged with Microsoft 365 Security capabilities.

Workshop Agenda (8 HRS)

  1. Introduction to WVD - Training Session – 1 HR
  2. WVD Architecture & Deployment Strategies - Training Session – 1 HR
  3. WVD Management & Monitoring – Training Session – 1 HR
  4. Hands-on Lab and Challenges – Guided & Self-Paced – 4 HRS
  5. Q&A, Next Steps – Conversation – 1 HR

Hands-on Lab Includes: • Exercise 1: Create Host Pool from Azure Portal • Exercise 2: Create Application Groups and assign to users • Exercise 3: Access the Published Applications and Desktop using Browser • Exercise 4: Access the Published Applications and Desktop using WVD Desktop Client • Exercise 5: Setup FSLogix • Exercise 6: Monitoring using Log Analytics • Exercise 7: Load Balancing methods • Exercise 8: Create a master image for WVD

Key Learnings:

  1. Get a deep dive understanding of How WVD Works and it’s architecture
  2. Get familiar with what it takes for a successful WVD deployment
  3. Hands-on experience in setting up WVD as an admin.
  4. Experience the power of WVD as an end-user.

This package includes

  1. WVD Expert for 8 HRS (Instructor)
  2. Lab Environment for Up to 12 Attendees (Including Azure Accounts, Attendees do not need to bring any Azure subscriptions for the labs)

Please check out for more details around Spektra’s WVD Offerings. Contact us at for support or any questions.