DPi30: 5-Wk Implementation

Spyglass MTG, LLC

Spyglass’ Data Platform DPi30 is designed to help you create a data platform in Azure quickly and efficiently.

Spyglass’ Data Platform DPi30 is a 5-week implementation designed to help you create a data platform in Azure quickly and efficiently. Our approach deploys a secure modern production Azure data platform environment, leveraging Azure Well-Architected and the Cloud Adoption Framework. With a Prebuilt Azure Blueprint for a secure Modern Data “Lakehouse” Deployment, deploying a customizable new platform is quick and easy. With dozens of prebuilt templates provided with the Blueprint, code bases, tool kit and other assets to leverage; your platform will be up and running quickly!

We leverage our Azure Blueprint Solutions Accelerator for Analytics (DPi30+Analaytics JumpStart) to implement the analytics workload & integrate with the IT hub services. Our complete package includes a toolkit for Synapse that assists with cost optimization, performance efficiency for workload & scale management as well as a standard DevOps package for project & release management.


STAGE 1 - Strategy & Plan (Wk 1): Analytics and Design Workshop. Total Cost of Ownership Azure Services, Requirements, Dashboard Design, Platform & Blueprint Planning.

STAGE 2 – Ready & Govern (Wk 2-3): Build, Implement Azure Blueprint and Landing Zone, Cost Automation Pipeline and SQL toolset.

STAGE 3- Migrate & Innovate (Wk 4): Review modeling requirements, decide how the data will be organized, accessed, and stored, sketch and envision future report screens, gather sourcing expectations and build agenda for Phase II.

STAGE 4 – Manage & Organize (Wk 5): Get your solution into the hands of users, get feedback, and decide what to change or add. Technical KT & User Sessions. Final Project Review & Sign Off.

DELIVERABLES- Spyglass will deliver a full Data Platform in 5 weeks for a fixed fee of $45k.