OEA Open Education Analytics: 10-Wk Implementation

Spyglass MTG, LLC

Open Education Analytics (OEA) 10-week implementation to help lower student dropouts and increase engagement rates.

With Open Education Analytics (OEA), Spyglass can help Higher Education institutions implement analytical solution built on Azure Synapse Analytics to aid in better understanding the overall engagement & learning patterns of students. Through collaboration with education systems across the world OEA aims to define a framework for Data Standards, Responsible Data and AI practices and Common EDU use cases.

Our approach deploys a secure modern production Azure analytics environment, leveraging Azure Well-Architected, the Cloud Adoption and OEA frameworks. We leverage our Azure Blueprint Accelerator for Analytics (Dpi30+Analytics JumpStart) to efficiently implement your data landing zone. With standardized modules we can seamlessly integrate with many learning management systems, like Blackboard or Nexus LMS, so that you can continue to utilize your current systems while receiving the analytics you need.

AGENDA- STAGE 1: Initiation (Wk 1)- Defining the Problem, Technical Discovery & Planning STAGE 2: Planning & Design (Wk 2-3)- Data Architecture Design, Total Cost of Ownership Azure Analysis, Requirements, Dashboard Design, Platform & Blueprint Planning STAGE 3: Execution (Wk 4-8)- Synapse & Blueprint Deployment, Deployment of Data Integration Pipelines, Cost Automation Pipeline, Advanced Analytics Pipelines, Power BI Reporting Model. STAGE 4: Adoption (Wk 9)- UAT Testing, Technical KT & User Sessions. STAGE 5: Closure (Wk 10)- Final Project Review & Sign Off DELIVERABLES- Data Architecture Diagrams, TCO Hosting Analysis - Azure, Requirements Document, Blueprint Modern Data Platform (Synapse) Deployment of Data Integration, Cost Automation, Advanced Analytics Pipelines; Power BI Reporting Model, Source Code, Documentation.

Final pricing contingent on complexity & timeline.