Introduction to Kubernetes - a 2-Day Workshop

SpyroSoft S.A.

Learn about basics of building Cloud Native solutions and managing Kubernetes clusters on Microsoft Azure.

We are a Microsoft Azure Gold Partner offering an extensive range of Cloud Services: from audits through Cloud Migration and Cloud Architecture consulting. We are also the fastest growing technology company according to the Financial Times. We offer a 2-day workshop centered around the build and components of Kubernetes - also known as K8s - with a particular focus on the specifics of Azure Kubernetes Service. In this workshop, you’ll learn:

  • the basics of how a cluster is built and organised internally;
  • the mechanics behind Kubernetes and how to use them to your advantage;
  • the limitations of K8s and how to account for them in your projects;
  • why we state that the orchestrated system is scalable, lasting, reliable and accessible.

The workshop is available to individuals and groups, and it’s a perfect introduction to more advanced trainings from our offer.


Day 1:

1. Options for Azure Kubernetes Services configuration

  • Azure CNI and kubenet comparison
  • Private Cluster
  • Active Directory Integration

2. Creating and managing pods

  • Creating namespace
  • Running a simple pod
  • Resource limits for CPU and Memory

3. App Configuration

  • Creating ConfigMap
  • Secrets management with Azure KeyVault
  • Management of sensitive data

Day 2:

1. Services and ingress

  • Setup of ingress controller
  • Exposing pod to public with service
  • ClusterIP, NodePort and LoadBalancer

2. Application deployment

  • Creating deployment workload
  • Updating image
  • Setup of Azure DevOps pipeline

3. Mounting volumes

  • Persistent Volume and Persistent Volume Claim
  • Static and Dynamic provisioning
  • Storage classes for AKS