Advanced microservices: 6-week implementation

SpyroSoft S.A.

Best in industry Software Architects and Developers will discover your business domains and goals to design and implement a bespoke microservices platform on Azure.

We are a Microsoft Azure Gold Partner offering an extensive range of cloud services: from audits to cloud migration and cloud architecture consulting. We are also the fastest growing technology company according to the Financial Times.

We offer consulting and support services related to the implementation of bespoke Cloud Native and domain driven microservices on Azure.

Implementation includes:

  • Business domains discovery session

  • Azure Subscription setup and management

  • Azure DevOps CI&CD pipelines and automation

  • Deployment of best suited Compute resources such as Azure Kubernetes Service, Azure App Service, Azure Functions

  • Setup of best suited Storage resources such as Azure Storage Accounts, Azure SQL Databases, Azure CosmosDB and Azure Time Series Insights

  • Infrastructure as a Code implementation using Azure ARM Templates or Terraform

A discovery session will help us understand your business needs, areas requiring development and future goals that your organisation wants to achieve.

Our implementation will address your business needs precisely and help you expand your concept further.

As a result, you will gain an overview of what technological direction you should take and your potential next steps in targeting growth opportunities in your business domains. You will also receive our support in choosing a solution. Throughout the process we will work with you closely at the technical and organisational level as the workshop may result in the requirement to change or adjust your organisational model or/and your software development process.