Security audit of existing solution: 3-week assessment

SpyroSoft S.A.

Spyrosoft’s top Security and DevOps engineers will perform an extensive review of your current Security setup and configuration to help you improve your Azure Security Posture

We are a Microsoft Azure Gold Partner offering an extensive range of cloud services: from audits to cloud migration and cloud architecture consulting. We are also the fastest growing technology company according to the Financial Times.

The goal of this assessment is a review of your current Azure Environment according to the Azure Security Benchmark, which includes following key areas:

  • Network security

  • Identity Management

  • Data Protection

  • Monitoring and Threat Detection

  • Backup and recovery

  • Endpoint security

Azure Services that will be included in the review:

  • RBAC in compute services such as Azure Kubernetes Clusters, Azure Functions, Azure App service

  • RBAC in storage services such as Azure SQL Databases, CosmosDB, Storage Accounts

  • Azure VNet’s policies

  • Azure Active Directory setup

  • Audit of Azure Active Directory B2C setup

  • Azure Threat Detection capabilities

  • Azure Key Vault secrets and certificates management

  • Azure Activity Log alerts for suspicious activities

The goal of this audit is to ensure that the solution developed is adequately secured from third-party access and to create a list of suggestions that would be helpful in increasing the security if required. The scope of the audit can be extended or reduced to address the specifics of your solution.