Modernize your Apps with Microsoft Azure : 4-Weeks assessment


SQLI help you to boost your strategy to move to cloud while modernizing your software architecture

Revamp your apps with a modern and scalable architecture on Azure with our Microsoft Azure architects.

SQLI help you to optimize your process of migration focusing on above cloud governance. We provide you with the best possible mentoring and support the necessary methodology adapted for your organization. At your own pace, you will discover how to improve/migrate your APPS, and also foster adoption of your developer and business teams 4 weeks will cover discovery workshops to help you to play Azure digital pathway. During the first week, we offer you to: • Explore Azure solutions (containers, microservices, …) with demonstration workshops (pros & cons) • Audit your migration strategy to Azure Cloud • Audit your DEVOPS maturity to define the best strategy to enforce Agile approach After these first elements, we can dedicate next workshops to focus on : Your software development factory through Devops usages management and imagine quick wins above automation. The second week is focused on a POC methodology to enrich your Apps architecture and test our hypothesis. Finally, we will take the opportunity to enlarge the vision of your migration by a short training on FINOPS to secure OPEX on Azure. At the end, you will have a draft of a new roadmap and backlog to change your architecture and a plan to move toward a new three party governance: security model, delivery model and an optimized cloud-based financial model.

⭐Details Week 1⭐ Workshops from Day 1, we analyze with you ; • The list of pain points on your organization • The current macro process for your DEVOPS • Demos on Azure and exploration of your needs

Deliverables: backlog or actions plan, list of quick wins for remediation, summary and recommendations on Azure migration

⭐Details Week 2 to 4⭐ Possible proof of concept to verify if Devops management (forge automation) and migration are efficient Deliverables on the last workshop: we conclude the POC to prepare your modernization or transformation with a migration roadmap, then we train your teams (4 people) around Devops & Azure adoption

All these workshops within the limit of 10 days of support with our experts