Azure Kubernetes: 8-WK Implementation


Stackgenie offers a hassle free design and implementation for a trusted, secure and highly scalable Azure Kubernetes Service capable of handling heavy workloads from Day1.

With Stackgenie’s hassle-free design and implementation, customers obtain fast access to an AKS based platform with security, compliance, and scalability baked in from Day1. By shifting the operational burden to Azure, the Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) makes it easier to install a managed Kubernetes cluster on Azure. Azure manages crucial duties like health monitoring and maintenance as a hosted Kubernetes service. You solely manage and maintain the agent nodes because Azure manages the Kubernetes masters. As a result, AKS is free; the only components of your clusters for which you must pay are the agent nodes and not the control plane.


Technical meetings with the customer's team to review the architecture of the proposed designs and select a workload to be deployed in the cluster. Implementation of the proposed solution using infrastructure as code. Create pipelines to deploy applications and tooling to the cluster. Create pipelines to deploy the cluster and to carry out upgrades.


A Kubernetes cluster, delivered as Infrastructure-as-Code (IaC). Platform tooling required to operate the cluster. Deployment of the selected workload in the cluster. Knowledge transfer and documentation.