1 Day Workshop: Windows as a Service Planning


This is a 1-day planning and knowledge transfer engagement to review the current state of Windows-as-a-Service and deploying Win10 on Azure, with the appropriate team.

There is an urgent need for organizations to adequately prepare and plan to not only stay current but in order to remain on a supported version of Windows.

Microsoft's new approach to Windows upgrades means that there will be two major upgrades released annually (Spring and Fall) and minor security and feature updates throughout the year.

The Fall upgrades will be supported for 30 months and the Spring upgrades will only be supported for 18 months from the release date.

To achieve success at this upgrade frequency and to remain on a supported version of Windows, organizations must prepare accordingly.

Without a robust plan to manage these major upgrades, organizations may find their desktops no longer receive essential security and quality updates, giving them little choice but to scramble and rush an upgrade.

This 1-Day Win-as-a-Service/Win10 on Azure Lifecycle Management and Preparation Workshop is ideal for key stakeholders such as IT decision makers, IT management and IT staff.

The 1 Day Windows-as-a-Service/Win10 on Azure Planning Workshop includes:

  1. An overview of the Windows 10 / Windows-as-a-Service / Win10 on Azure terminology, servicing channels release cycles, servicing tools, lifecycle changes and additional fundamental changes in Windows.

  2. An assessment on the state of your current environment and details surrounding any remittance required to prepare your environment for new release cycles and how to execute new lifecycle management processes to stay up-to-date and supported.

  3. The development of a custom Win-as-a-Service Lifecycle Management Preparation Plan to set your organization up for upgrade success.

You can count on Steeves and Associates to deliver tenured resources that have extensive knowledge and experience to answer your questions and set your organization up for Win-as-a-Service upgrade success.

The cost of this workshop may increase should associated travel costs be necessary.