Azure Governance Strategy | 24 days implementation

Stellium SA

Azure Cloud Governance Strategy definition, Workshops to define MVP, Policies & Processes, Governance Blueprint, Governance Implementation, Cloud Center of Excellence Strategy,

Azure Cloud governance is a framework to govern the use of cloud services in an Azure environment and help consumers access those services in a controlled fashion. As cloud adoption encompasses people, processes, and technology, Azure governance needs to bring under control these dimensions, while ensuring security, cost management, and deployment acceleration. Azure governance is an important step in the cloud journey: as the cloud adoption progresses inside the organization, new technical and business risks surface out, so a cloud governance framework brings these risks under control along with enforcement of organizational standards.

Agenda : Days 1-5 : Analysis of policies and envision of governance end state and MVP targets. Days 6-12 : Governance MVP policies and processes definition Days 13-19 : Technical implementation of the baseline governance blueprint Days 20-24 : Transfer, support for CCoE implementation