Azure Infrastructure Design: 1-Wk Assessment

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Azure Infrastructure Design: 1-Wk Assessment

The assessment is based on outputs of 2 workshops, delivered on-site over 5 days, where consideration is given to how Azure will assist with consolidation of IT assets including decommissioning of superfluous assets.

The offer price is estimated subject to travel to client.

Duration: 5 days

Business Objectives Workshops:

We work with you to assess your business needs and your IT strategy and business case, to determine where you are today and where you need to be in the future. This is a vital check to make sure your IT strategy can deliver your business objectives.

The business objectives workshops align your key stakeholders around business goals, priorities and KPIs of your IT services and help clarify:

  • Business and user needs
  • Performance requirements

Infrastructure Discovery Workshops:

Through sessions covering IT infrastructure and services, we leave no stone unturned, uncovering the unknown unknowns and developing a deep understanding of the needs and challenges of your organisation to help us in determining your readiness for Azure. Workshops will review and assess your:

  • Servers: Operating systems and versions, roles, hardware
  • Storage: Capacity, type, redundancy, hardware
  • Security: Permissions, encryption, privacy
  • Network: Internet connectivity, LAN and WAN topology, hardware
  • Applications: Providers, business functions, programming languages
  • Data: Databases, types, sizes, dependencies
  • Infrastructure services: Backups, restores, DNS, DHCP, remote access, authentication
  • Processes: Disaster recovery, provisioning

This helps determine which workloads are ready to move to Azure, and in what fashion (lift-and-shift, re-platform, or replacement with a new deployment model), which workloads need further work to be Azure ready, and which workloads should continue to reside on internal infrastructure.


Actionable assessment report and presentation to client.